Carl Howard remembers his first vocal
performance in church at the age of three.
He began to play guitar at the age of nine,
and began to regularly accompany singers with
his instrument at church at the age of twelve.

By the age of seventeen, Carl found himself
in the training ground of a plan
that God had for him all along - leading bands,
arranging songs, and teaching music to his
fellow musicians. By the time he was in his
mid-twenties, he was raising up several praise
and worship teams in several churches,
initially with the idea that he was
"helping out" in his church, without making
the commitment at that time to being a praise
leader. Carl's main focus during those years
was in leading his own original christian
rock band, where he performed many weekends
out of the year,for several years. It was
during this time when he first began to
explore his talents as a songwriter.
By his late 20's Carl had resolved to
the fact that God had been working His
plan in his life all along, preparing him
for praise ministy and for prophetic
writing to minister in the local church.

Carl has been involved in active music
ministry since 1984,leading praise bands
at churches in Kentucky, Tennessee,
Indiana,and Ohio. He presently serves
as the Worship Arts Pastor at his home
church, West Fork Christian Fellowship
in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It has always been on Carl's heart to lay
down some tracks of the inspired creative
ideas that he has with his songs. While he
continues to enjoy administrating Worship Arts
in the church body, and raising up
and equipping others to do the work of the
ministry in any area of the arts, Carl
desires to minister to the harvest with the
music and giftings that he has personally
been given from God.